How To Take Your Marriage From OK and Boring to Passionate and Adventurous...
...without hours of tedious reading and boring workbooks that don't apply to your marriage.
When you were younger, what did you dream marriage would be like?  When you were still dating, you stayed up all night, flirting, dreaming, imagining your lives together or even just listening to his or her breath. You couldn't get enough of them. And then came your wedding day... the most important day of your life to this point. What vows did you make before that person you loved more than anyone else in the world?
Guess what... those feelings you felt are not meant to go away! They are by design and were put in you before you were even born. 
Fast forward to today. Is marriage what you thought it would be? Is it full of adventure, passionate romance and joy? Or does it look more like this... The routines of work, kids, chores, errands and other obligations have totally snuffed out the love, passion and wonder that your marriage once had.
Before you know it, all the unspoken frustrations and little pet-peeves build to an explosion of cutting accusations and even worse... empty silence. 
Think about this. Did you really spend all that time and money planning your wedding day, just to have that kind of marriage? If that's what you signed up for, then marriage sucks. And it's no wonder that nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. Who can blame people for wanting out? And who can even judge the young people that don't want to get married? 
But what if there was another way? 
What if marriage wasn't about marrying the right person... but instead, what if marriage was simply a skill you could learn?  

What if you could go from hating each other to being passionate with each other again? What if you could go from tolerating each other to craving and desiring each other's company?
The Marriage Reset: From Obligation to Adventure
  • Walk away with the belief that you CAN do this marriage thing...knowing that passion and adventure are waiting for you!
  • Create a fresh start in your marriage, regardless of what has happened up to this point.
  • Watch your marriage go from a mind-numbing routine to a hot, exciting adventure.
My marriage was on edge and drowning in expectations the world has put on us. I now feel like I am free to be who God created me to be. I am having fun, and dating my husband again. The tension is gone, and I am able to allow my husband to lead in the way God intended. 
– Lorene Allen
My wife and I were very positively impacted by this. It allowed us to engage in open and honest conversation about our relationship. Even after 40 years of marriage, a real freshness and excitement has been restored. Thanks so much.
– Mark Holden
The reality is we've been mentored and trained to have mediocre marriages. But mediocre is not what you signed up for when you said "I do." Every new adventure begins with a single step. It's time for you to step out in blind faith and dream again! Believe that the best is yet to come for your marriage. There are answers out there...
Coming From An 'OK Marriage' To Something I Look Forward To Waking Up To Everyday Is Mind-Boggling To Me...
“After 34 years of marriage, you tend to take too many things for granted. Now I look at my husband as I saw him on the day we married, loving him for all the little things he does that drew me to him. And those "little irritations" – now I choose to use those things as ways to celebrate him for who he is. I simply can't describe it, but when the marriage is good, you can face anything else, you feel invincible... 'Love Conquers All' has a new meaning for me. I’m at rest, at peace, I don't need to strive, be right, or prove anything to anybody because love is enough.” 
– Linda Bontrager
A Note From Dani Johnson
"I’ve been training people in business, money and relationships for nearly 3 decades and I’ve found, more than just about anything else, when our clients’ marriages are a mess — or even just ‘OK’ — they can work their butts off in their career and with money, but no matter how hard they work, something is always missing. They keep falling short. What they accomplish is never enough.

But once we tweak the focus, and they put more effort into their marriage than other areas, their careers explode and their finances get solved in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the effort.

My husband, Hans, and I used to describe our marriage as seasons of bliss separated by hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis — sometimes all in the same day. 

Now, we haven’t had a contentious fight in just under 1200 days. No seriously, if we can do that, anyone can.

Am I perfect? Heck no. Never will be. But I've navigated through the successes and failures in marriage, family life, business and more, and I want to share with you how I've made it out not just alive, but better than before."
Every day you ignore the problems in your marriage – EVERY married couple has them – a wedge is growing deeper between you and your spouse, and you're inching closer to divorce.

But that's just not okay. 

The Marriage Reset: From Obligation To Adventure will give your first steps to removing the wedge and closing the gap so you can bring adventure back into your marriage.
You Won’t Recognize Your Life After 
The Marriage Reset: From Obligation To Adventure...
  • Re-ignite the dream you had when you first entered into marriage.
  • Feel the nerves and excitement as you captivate your lover again and again...
  • Build unwavering trust with your spouse.
  • Learn exactly how to get more of what you hope for out of marriage.
  • Understand how to make your marriage a safe place for making mistakes and being imperfect.
  • Know how to work through the little things that nag at you every day that otherwise end up building to blow up fights.
  • Instead of a marriage full of hurt and pain, you'll know simple skills to make it past the rough patches to a hotter, more intimate, enjoyable                  marriage than before!
We Feel Safer Around Each Other...
My wife and I have grown closer... We feel safer around each other to talk, to make a mistake or have a different opinion or perspective on an issue. We express more purposeful appreciation of each other. We show more physical affection for each other. Bless each other with our words and actions more. Thank you for blessing our marriage!
– Foley Tugbiyele
When you take your marriage from where it is now to a new level, think about how light you'll feel every day. Marriage should be the greatest adventure of your life, not the thorn in your side!

It's time to step away from an "OK" and boring marriage, and step toward deeper intimacy, adventure, and so much more.

Your marriage will be the envy of your friends because you’ll understand the foundational secrets of marriage and enjoy a relationship that most people believe is only a fantasy or movie script.
In The Marriage Reset: From Obligation To Adventure, Dani will give you the 7 foundational secrets to begin taking  your marriage from near divorce or "OK" or boring – all headed for divorce – to adventurous and the most satisfying relationship in your life!
Question for you... have you ever faced challenges in your marriage? 

What price would you have paid if you knew you could come out on the other side with a more intimate, loving, passionate and fun relationship with your spouse?
$1,000 - $10,000 - $20,000 (which is the bestcase scenario cost of a divorce)?

The Marriage Reset: From Obligation To Adventure isn’t $20,000.... $10,000... $1,000.... or even $500.

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P.S. - Every day, week, and month that you let go by without doing something to bring passion and adventure into your marriage almost guarantees another painful argument, more neglect and inevitable consequences in the future.
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